6 leading women in the wine world



We are aware that the wine world is complex. Moreover, for a long time it has been a largely male-dominated industry. However, we are living in a time of big change and fortunately, there are more and more women who stand out in the sector.

6 women who have pioneered the wine world

Which women stand out in the world of wine? It would be impossible to collect, in one single article, all the names of the women who stand out in the wine industry. However, we do want to recognise 6 people that, in some way, have managed to transform the world of wine.

Silvia García, a sommelier with a lengthy career

One of the first women we would like to introduce is the sommelier Silvia García. She is a great professional of recognised prestige. In her early days, she worked as a waitress in a luxury hotel. During her first years of experience serving in haute cuisine, she had the opportunity to get to know the world of wine in greater depth.

After training as a sommelier, she went on to become Head Sommelier at one of the most prestigious hotels in the world, the Mandarin Oriental Ritz in Madrid. Throughout her professional career, Silvia has been recognised by Metrópoli Magazine as Best Sommelier in 2012 and nominated for the National Gastronomy Award in 2016.

She now shares her job with Gemma Vela, who was the first woman sommelier in Spain to work in a five-star luxury hotel.

6 leading women in the wine world

Mar Moreno, wine and gastronomy communicator

Mar Moreno is a woman with a relevant role in the wine and gastronomy sector. A journalist specialising in wine and gastronomy, and she directs and presents the program "mesa y descanso" on Capital Radio.

She has been, multiple times, a member of the jury at national competitions such as Iberwine and Bacchus. Mar is a member of the Spanish Association of Wine Journalists and Writers, the Madrid Association of Sommeliers and the Spanish Tasters Union.

Maria Isabel Mijares, prestigious enologist

Maria Isabel Mijares' relationship with the world of wine is a long and beautiful love story.  She began her professional career studying Chemistry at the Complutense University of Madrid.

 She graduated in Enology in Bordeaux at the end of the 1960s, where she shortly afterwards obtained her PhD. She was also general secretary of the International Union of Oenologists, president of the Valdepeñas Denomination of Origin, as well as project manager at the UN, advising governments on viticultural practices.

Audrey Doré, sommelier at one of the best restaurants in the world

The sommelier Audrey Doré was born in Lorient, a port city in the region of Brittany. She has been head sommelier at the 3 Michelin-starred restaurant El Celler de Can Roca for 6 years. In 2017 and 2019 she was awarded the prize for best Sommelier of Catalonia by the Associació Catalana de Sommeliers.

Audrey's professional career has not always been related to the world of wine. Trained as a philologist, she began her career working in different companies in the tourism sector. At the age of 25, she decided to make a change in her career and dedicate herself to the world of wine, her true vocation.

Elia María Arranz, one of the youngest sommeliers to succeed

Elia María Arranz is the sommelier at Taller Arzuaga, a Michelin-starred restaurant. At only 29 years old, Arranz has already worked as head sommelier in a starred restaurant. Quite a milestone in this sector.

Furthermore, in 2021 he won the sixth edition of the Ruinart Sommelier Challenge, a competition in which more than 39 experts from all over Spain took part. Although this is not Arranz's only recognition. In 2016, he received the Excellence Award from the International Sommelier Competition of the Valladolid Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mireia Torres, director of the winery Jean Leon

Mireia is currently the director of the winery Jean Leon. She is also the president of the Familia Torres Foundation, as well as the Director of Innovation and Knowledge of  Familia Torres. She has a degree in Chemical Engineering and a diploma in Enology and Viticulture from the Ècole National Supérieure Agronomique de Montpellier.

The world of wine has always been present in Mireia Torres' life. Partly because Familia Torres is one of the world's leading wineries. The professional successes at the head of Jean Leon, as well as the different innovation projects she has led, endorse Mireia Torres as a recognised figure in the sector. For Mireia, the secret to getting things right is "putting passion into it".

6 leading women in the wine world

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