5 New Ways to Use Wine Corks

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Maybe the time has come to do something different with all of those wine corks you’ve been holding onto. Yes, maybe they look nice all together, but could they be even nicer if you used them in a way you hadn’t thought of before?

Today, we’re going to give you five ideas for how you can give them a new lease on life. Ready? Let’s go!

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1. Eco magnets

First up, something really easy: You can turn the corks into tiny flower pots. Yes, you read that right. Just choose the cork, core it out, stick a magnet on the back (with the help of a hot glue gun), and choose whatever plant you’d like. Top tip: Choose one that won’t need much water. Cacti could be a good option.

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2. Coasters

Another interesting idea that can give your house a funky touch are coasters made using corks. It’s straightforward and really easy to do. Just cut the corks into rounds and stick them together using adhesive glue or silicone. You can choose the shape – square or circular – or even do a combination of both.

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3. Trivets

Just like you can make coasters using old corks, you can also make totally unique trivets. These trivets take advantage of the fact that cork is a thermal insulator to give your table something both functional and decorative. You can make yours using the same technique used for the coasters, joining the corks together on a base, or by filling a picture frame. Which method will you go for?

4. A unique keychain

Moving on from home décor, here’s another idea that’s really easy and we’re sure you haven’t thought of before. What about turning the cork into a keychain? It’s super easy: All you need is the cork, a screw eye, and a key ring. Do we even need to tell you the steps? It’s that simple!

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5. An original centerpiece

Maybe one lone cork can’t be a decorative element on its own, but if you put a bunch of them together, they have a special charm, especially in houses that are home to real wine lovers. Why don’t you try putting them in the middle of a table along with some candles? Had you thought of that? The result is a totally unique centerpiece.

Now you have a handful of ideas! Why not show us the results?

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