5 Last-Minute Ideas for a Mother’s Day Surprise

Jean Leon


Even though we’re finally starting to get some good news, we still have to stay home for a little while longer. The weeks pass and special days still come up on the calendar, such as this Sunday, May 3rd, when we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day. Like we did for Father’s Day, today we have some suggestions for lockdown-friendly gift ideas that we’d like to share with you. Ready?

1. A very sweet surprise

We’re sure she won’t be expecting you to surprise her with breakfast in bed on Sunday. You have two options: Use a home delivery service, such as www.matiasbuenosdias.com, where you can find a wide range of breakfasts or go for a homemade approach that you can recruit the kids to help out with. How? It’s really easy! You can make her some croissants with chocolate, a coffee, and a freshly squeezed orange juice, or, if she prefers savory foods, why not try a breakfast sandwich with bacon and egg? Which will you go for?

2. Brighten up her day with flowers (even if they’re paper)

The initial idea was to recommend the online florist www.thecolvinco.com so you could order a bouquet, but due to the current situation, they’re out of flowers. However, they are offering a totally original solution in the form of floral illustrations and, moreover, for each one sold, they will donate €1 to the #YoMeCorono initiative for COVID-19 research. How about it? Which one will you choose to surprise her?

3. A book always makes a good choice

World Book Day was just last week, and to mark the occasion we shared some book ideas that we found interesting. If you went for one option and ruled out another, now’s a good time to take another look. Here’s the list again for you.

4. A very special playlist

This is sure to surprise her. It’s the perfect time to give her the gift of music with some of her favorite songs. Think about the ones she always sings, the ones that make her eyes light up and her body start to move without her even realizing. Just open your Spotify and start adding songs, but remember one thing: don’t get caught short. It’s better to have too many songs than too few. The playlist is bound to end up being the soundtrack to your lockdown!

5. The time has come to open that special bottle

You had it stored away for a special occasion, but you’ve never found the right time... Well, now you have the best excuse: Mother’s Day can be the occasion you were waiting for! Don’t say anything until you’re sitting at the table, and when you go to serve the food (which you can all make together), uncork that bottle. Sometimes the perfect moment never arrives, but life is full of moments that can be turned into something special.

Will this Sunday be one of them? We’ve given you some ideas to ensure it is!

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