5 jazz pieces to pair with a Jean Leon

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International Jazz Day is celebrated worldwide on April 30. UNESCO's intention in decreeing this celebration was "to raise awareness of a musical movement of great educational value, as well as a resource that can contribute to cultural exchange, dialogue and cooperation between peoples worldwide".

Although historically jazz is usually associated with whiskey, today, it seems that what suits it best is wine. Without a doubt, wine and jazz are two art forms that test all our senses.

Moreover, Jean Leon wines have an even closer relationship with this musical genre, since Jean Leon lived in the golden age when jazz was its main soundtrack.

For this reason, from Jean Leon we want to celebrate International Jazz Day with all of you. Below, we show you 5 jazz songs that you can accompany with each of our wines 😉.

1. Jean Leon Xarel·lo and Flor de Lis

We start our proposal by pairing the version of the young Catalan artist Rita Payes of the song Flor de Lis by Djavan with a Jean Leon Xarel·lo. An ecological, fresh and elegant wine made with native Catalan varieties that becomes a tribute to the Penedès, Jean Leon's homeland. With a fresh entry and a frank acidity that accompanies throughout the palate, and with a soft, persistent and sweetened finish, like the piece that we propose you to enjoy:


2. 3055 Chardonnay y Summertime

If there is a song that makes us relive the great moments of summer, it is "Summertime" by Ella Fitzgerald. So, with this song, what we most want is a bright, fruity and uninhibited wine. That is why we suggest pairing it with a young, fresh and daring wine, our 3055 Chardonnay, which is characterized by its intense notes of tropical fruit, and a long and balanced aftertaste.


3. 3055 Rosé y Feeling good

Nina Simone's "Feeling good" needs a feminine and sensual wine like our 3055 Rosé. A rosé with a distinctive pale pink color made from Pinot Noir, one of the most elegant and international French red grapes. With aromas of strawberry, cherry, white peach and citrus blossom, the palate is fresh, with balanced acidity and a lingering finish.


4. Vinya Le Havre Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva y Strange fruit

An elegant, full-bodied wine with a powerful entry and a long, lingering finish. This wine made with cabernet sauvignon and a small percentage of cabernet franc can be paired with "Strange fruit" by Billie Holiday, an intense piece to taste slowly and without haste, like the Vinya Le Havre Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva.


5. Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva y What a wonderful world

And we finish with our Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva, a complex and intensely aromatic red wine considered the first wine made mainly with the Cabernet Sauvignon variety in Spain.

It has a cherry red color, ripe fruit and spice aromas and is characterized by a good tannic structure and a long and persistent aftertaste. A complex and full-bodied wine that matches one of Louis Armstrong's most famous songs: "What a Wonderful world", a unique and profound piece that will absorb you from start to finish.


I'm sure that, for many of you, the names or the songs already ring a bell. For those of you who don't have the pleasure, we encourage you to listen to them and enjoy them with a glass of wine in your hand... do you already have our wines ready?

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