5 golden Hollywood films and their relationship with Jean Leon

Discovering Jean Leon


Cinema (just like wine) has that almost magical ability to capture us and transport us to distant worlds. Wine and cinema are, without a doubt, two separate pleasures. And if we combine them, the experience can become extraordinary.

In this article we wanted to travel to the golden Hollywood in which Jean Leon was a part and share with you 5 great films starring the stars who were friends and regulars at his restaurant, La Scala. And of course, you will enjoy them more with a glass of Jean Leon wine in hand.

Let's start with the 5 films!

Rebel Without a Cause

This film, released in 1955, is about three young people (Jim Stark, Judy and Plato) who meet at a police station for different reasons. Inspector Ray discovers that the three of them have a troubled relationship with their respective families. The tragedy occurs when alliances, conflicts and disputes over territorial and love issues break out between them.

This film, which has become a cinema classic, has a special meaning since its main character, James Dean, was a close friend of Jean Leon. His friendship was the one that stood out the most among all those he had with other Hollywood stars, since with him he came to devise his first business: opening the most prestigious restaurant in Hollywood.

The notes of freshness and elegance of a 3055 Petit Verdot – Merlot by Jean Leon may be the best company to enjoy this film. Uncork a bottle of wine and don't wait any longer to see this movie classic!

Some Like It Hot

This film, released in 1959, is set in the Prohibition era (1920-1933), when Joe and Jerry (two ordinary musicians) are forced to flee after witnessing a settling of scores between two gangs rivals. Not finding work and as the mafia persecutes them, they decide to dress as women and play in a female orchestra. Joe (Curtis) falls in love with Sugar Kane (Monroe), the singer of the group and pretends to be an impotent tycoon to conquer; Meanwhile, Jerry (Lemmon) is courted by a millionaire who wants to marry him.

The main protagonist of this film, Marilyn Monroe also maintained a close friendship with Jean Leon. This actress was such a recurring client in her restaurant to the point that Jean Leon dedicated a dish from the menu to her, the 'Fettuccini a lo Marilyn', because it was one of her favorite dishes.

If you are looking for a romantic comedy, this is your movie. Something that pairs very well with an organic, fresh, young and cheerful wine. Our pick for this movie is a Chardonnay 3055.

Don't miss this comedy with wine, sofa and blanket!

Ocean's Eleven


This thriller released in 1960, is about eleven friends (partners in World War II), plan to rob, in a single night, five of the largest casinos in Las Vegas.

One of the main protagonists of this film is the great Frank Sinatra. Which, one night, got into Jean Leon's taxi and, after an entertaining conversation, offered him a job as a waiter in his Villa Capri restaurant, a fact that changed his life forever. Since then, Jean Leon has combined night work as a waiter at the Villa Capri with being a taxi driver during the day.

To enjoy this thriller, we recommend toasting with an estate wine with presence such as Vinya la Scala Cabernet Sauvignon. Glass of wine in hand and enjoy this great movie!

West Side Story


This well-known film released in 1961 is a tribute to "Romeo and Juliet". On the West Side of New York, a marginal neighborhood, two street gangs are vying for hegemony: the "sharks" (from Puerto Rico), and the "jets" (of European descent). Maria, the sister of the head of the "sharks" (who has just arrived in New York), meets a "jet" (Richard Beymer) one night at a dance and they both fall in love. However, the rivalry and tension between the two groups will trigger a violent fight.

Natalie Wood, the actress who represents Maria, was one of the people who was lucky enough to meet Jean Leon along with other Hollywood stars, and she maintained a very good friendship with our founder.

One of the most romantic wines from our Jean Leon cellars is Rosé 3055. Pour yourself a glass of this fresh and sensual rosé and enjoy this beautiful love story full of passionate and poetic moments.


Rear Window


This film released in 1954 is about a photojournalist (Stewart) who is forced to lie down with a leg in a cast. Despite the company of his girlfriend (Kelly) and his nurse (Ritter), to alleviate boredom he begins to observe from the window of his apartment with binoculars what is happening in the houses across the street. Due to a series of strange circumstances, he begins to suspect a neighbor whose wife has disappeared.

Grace Kelly is another of the actresses that Jean Leon met in his time at the La Scala restaurant.

Films full of intrigue require wines capable of calming the nerves. Vinya Palau Merlot is a wine full of nuances and aromas that will surely calm your nerves.

What do you think of these 5 films to accompany them with our Jean Leon wines? We want to know!

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