5 free apps for wine lovers



At the Jean Leon blog, we're always interested in new technologies. Especially if they make our lives easier or help us, in this case, to understand wine a little better.

Today we'd like to share 5 apps with you that we have on our smartphones. You might already know them! Our list is in no particular order. One app isn't better than another. All of them are really interesting. Here we go:


One of the most interesting apps, because it resembles a social network. You can pick a wine based on recommendations by the community of app users. People can share experiences about any wine, rate wines, even identify them simply by taking a picture of the label. A photo is all you need to get an immediate in-depth description of the bottle.


This application is backed by an impressive database. Much like Vivino, its image recognition technology makes it possible to find wines through photos. In addition, you can create your own virtual wine cellar with all of your favorite wines.


Wine Spectator
The official app of Wine Spectator magazine. You have the option of a free or paid version. The free app comes with tons of information for anyone interested in delving into the wine world. You can check out articles, videos and documentation. If the free version isn’t enough, opt for premium, which gives you access to information on wine awards and reviews published in the magazine.


Here we have a social network with over 60,000 entries for wines and sparkling wines and over 10,000 wineries in Spain, France, Italy and the US. With this app, you can search for wines according to grape type, variety, region or appellation of origin. In addition, the app has a geolocation feature with which you can find wineries or wine-related events near you.


Hello Vino
This incredibly useful app helps you buy the best possible wine for a given meal to really hit the food-and-wine pairing mark. Definitely one of the most helpful apps when faced with indecision. Red or white with fish? The options are endless! If you don't think so, take a look at this article we posted a few days ago.
This is just a small selection of the apps we know and use. You can find many others out there. If you have any recommendations for us, we're all ears!

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