5 books that let you travel without leaving home

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This is a different kind of summer for people who love to travel. Most likely they'll have to wait before taking a flight across the Atlantic, Mediterranean, or Pacific again. There's a good chance they'll have to stay closer to home, but in any case, we can always pick up a book and travel as far as the imagination will take us. Today we'd like to share five books which let you travel without leaving home. Are your bags packed? Make sure to leave enough space for a few books.

Around the World in 80 Days

An illustrated version of the Jules Verne classic. Through his drawings, illustrator Pedro Rodriguez relates the adventures of Phileas Fogg and his assistant Passpartout as they set out to travel around the world in 80 days. An excellent book to enjoy with the youngest bookworms in the house.

In the Café of Lost Youth

Of all the literary cities in the world, Paris shines the brightest, which is equally true of its presence on the screen. The city’s charm gives it a special kind of aura. For a memorable trip to the city of lights, specifically during the 1960s, make sure to pick up this novel by Patrick Modiano. It will take you to the city at a glorious time for poets and artists.

The Sheltering Sky

A classic of the last century. In Paul Bowles's novel, a couple from New York – Port and Kit Moresby – travel to the Sahara desert in North Africa with their friend Tunner. The story takes readers on a trip to towns, traditions, customs, landscapes, and the political and social tensions of an era. 

The Old Capital

As our journey nears its end, we make a stop in Asia to recommend The Old Capital by Yasunari Kawabata. In the book, he describes an ancient city and how it changes over the years as it adapts to a new society. An unforgettable novel by a Nobel Prize-winning author whose work leaves a lasting impression.

In Patagonia

Leaving Asia behind, we head to Latin America with English writer Bruce Chatwin. In Patagonia narrates a six-month journey he took in 1966 to some of the most beautiful places in Argentinean Patagonia. The book describes Patagonia as a mythical place, full of astonishing landscapes and stories. Without a doubt one of the great classics of travel writing.

What do you think of our selection? We'd love to keep traveling the world with your suggestions! Where would you take us?

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