3 hotels to enjoy great wine like never before



Some people see August as synonymous with sun, beach, heat...and holidays. A month of lavish leisure, of getting up at eleven, reading the newspaper over breakfast, heading down to the beach and coming back for lunch at four—complete with a nicely chilled Chardonnay, of course!


For others it’s a month of trips, comfy shoes and visits to the most iconic monuments in their city of choice, guidebook in hand. The hotel lifestyle. Check-in at noon. Room service.


But remember, not all hotels are created equal. Today we'd like to tell you about three that are special. They are comfortable and offer great amenities, but the main reason we like them so much is their excellent taste in wine. A detail like that doesn’t go unnoticed, of course, which is why we want to share them with you.


These hotels have wine bars, and they are anything but ordinary. These wine bars are world class.


1.- Hotel Praktik (Barcelona)



Up first, Hotel Praktik in the heart of Barcelona. A hotel with 64 wine-inspired rooms. A glass of wine awaits you at reception upon arrival. You can choose from among 900 bottles of wine without even leaving the lobby. An international selection, plus a sommelier happy to answer any questions you may have.

The design and décor is the work of Lázaro Rosa-Violán, a prestigious and renowned interior designer responsible for some of the world's most fashionable restaurants, shops and hotels. Well worth a visit—enjoy a glass of wine and stay a night or two.  


2.- Hotel Yeatman (Oporto)


We stay on the Iberian peninsula for our second stop in Portugal. The Yeatman Hotel in Porto is a veritable wine temple, home to over 25,000 bottles. Seasoned wine connoisseurs can request a wine tasting with the hotel's wine director. Take note: the Yeatman boasts the biggest collection of Portuguese wines in the world.


3.- Hotel Barceló (Hamburgo)


Finally, if you're planning a trip to Central Europe, don't miss out on the wine bar at the Barceló Hotel in Hamburg. It features a selection of 1700 bottles from Italy, France, Chile and Spain, of course, with choice wines from the Penedès, La Rioja and Rías Baixas.


Got all that? Good, because there's still time to book! :)

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