12 of the World’s Wine Temples



Certain wines deserve stylish, elegant, singular spaces. Places that inspire, brimming with creativity, where choosing a wine is a true joy. Luckily we're not alone in thinking this, and likeminded souls have gone ahead and created these places. They're scattered around the globe, but we found them so we could share them with you.

Here are the 12 most spectacular wine shops outside of Spain. They aren't listed in any particular order. The numbers are just numbers. We love them all.


1. Zurich


((Photo by Retail Design blog)

The Albert Reich wine shop was built with 1500 boxes originally used to transport bottles. A clear commitment to ecological solutions and recycling, which doesn't take away from the design, which shows excellent taste as well.


2. Budapest


(Photo by ArchDaily)

In Budapest, a former SPAR supermarket is now a true wine temple. The wine store's most remarkable feature is undoubtedly the floor-to-ceiling curved wood shelves.


3. Montreal


(Photo by Vinopack)

The store/museum of the company Société des Alcools du Québec is inspired by the wine cellars of traditional French châteaux. In short: warm lighting and room temperature.


4. Sao Paulo


(Photo bt Arquitectura y Diseño blog)

The Mistral wine shop in São Paulo offers a truly digital experience. The space is a mere 100 square meters in size, but contains an interactive gallery, a wine cellar, a wine shop, a tasting room and a reading room. Sometimes less is more!


5. Buenos Aires


(Photo by TotalWinePack)

Before leaving South America, we want to introduce you to the Tonel Privado wine store in Buenos Aires. The shop is over 40 years old and has grown into one of Argentina's most important chains. It sports an impressive selection of over 3000 international wines.


6. Stuttgart


(Photo by Retail Square)

The Weinhandlung Kreis wine store is surrounded by vineyards. The contrast between the space and its setting is striking. Futurism meets tradition to provide visitors with a sensory experience.


7. New York


(Photo by Retail Design blog)

The city of skyscrapers that never sleeps. Our list of unique spaces would not be complete without mentioning a wine store in New York. The Vintry Fine Wines store is located in Battery Park. An elegant and sophisticated space with a selection of exclusive wines.


8. Bordeaux


A Bordeaux wine shop is a must. L'Intendant joins the ranks with impressively high standards. This 12-meter tower is home to over 15,000 bottles. Not recommended for visitors with vertigo! ;)


9. Seoul

Captura de pantalla 2017-01-18 a las 13.22.47

A spectacular store that sports every Jean Leon wine on its shelves. Located in the Hyundai shopping center in Seoul, the store's signature design emphasizes wood.


10. Hong Kong


When it comes to technological innovation, Asian countries are ahead of the curve. Take this place, for example. The Altaya Wines store in Hong Kong features a first-rate wine selection as well as iPad terminals and touchscreen information displays.


11. New York


New York gets two spots on the list. And for good reason. The Crush Wine and Spirits store in Manhattan deserves it. Seemingly endless shelves lined with wine bottles cater to customers of all stripes.


12. Oporto

Captura de pantalla 2017-01-18 a las 13.25.45

Another city that can't go unmentioned. It makes the list with the Graham Lodge store in Vila Nova de Gaia. A fully restored winery that is almost 200 years old. A historical site transformed into a modern minimalist space without losing its authenticity.

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